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Social Recovery Taskforce
Women's Workstream

The Women's Workstream is a working group established to develop Glasgow's understanding of the impact of covid on women's lives, how the city can recover and how we can avoid the increase in inequality for women during periods of crisis.

The Workstream was created when it was established that information on women's experiences was limited to violence against women, and even then areas such as emergency accommodation, social impacts such as homelessness and addictions, and women's experience of criminal justice was limited.

The Workstream brings together workers from across sectors to discuss current provision and where improvements can be made. For the membership see here;


There continues to be challenges accessing Glasgow wide information on women's lives. The Centre for Population Health supports the Workstream and has been key in helping us to bring together local information. 

The Women's Workstream will be releasing it's final report with recommendations for strengthening women's position in Glasgow, including the Worksteam's position on the provision of single sex services.

We are interested about women's experiences during and after covid. This will inform the final recommendations of the workstream. If you work with a group of women please use our Facilitation Pack to gather information.

If you are a woman who would like to contribute your personal experience please email us here.


For more information please contact Dawn on 0141 370 0739 or email, who will direct you to the most appropriate member of the Workstream to answer your enquiry.

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