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Personal Safety Courses

Our Personal Safety Courses are free to individual women and run in local communities enabling women to get access in their own areas. The Courses run either 5 or 10 weeks and each session lasts approximately 2 hours. They are open to any woman regardless of age, abilities and fitness levels.

Focusing on what abilities women already have and developing new skills increases women’s sense of safety and they leave with options for making informed decisions on what can be done to remove or decrease the risk of violence and crime in their lives.

Our courses offer

Support, information, education, skill sharing, awareness raising and techniques for identifying avoiding and escaping potentially dangerous situations as well as challenging damaging women blaming attitudes and building women’s confidence and self esteem.

Current Courses

Wise Women run a number of courses and events across the year, in addition to our Personal Safety courses. If you would like to be added to to our mailing list to automatically receive information on our services please complete the form below.

For more information please contact us on 0141 370 0739 or at

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What women have said about our Personal Safety courses

100% of women taking part in our courses said they would recommend
this course to other women:

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