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Modern Bridge
Women's Safety in Glasgow
and beyond

The violence against women's sector has now existed in Glasgow for 50 years. In that time tens of thousands of women and children have been supported to escape violence and abuse.

The sources of women and children receive are focussed on their needs and they continue to develop as we find now ways of working and unfortunately as violence and abuse has evolved.

Although the services are available, and Glasgow has a strong reputation for providing services, the number of women experiencing violence and abuse continues to rise.

Access statistics below.

Violence against women

Violence against young women

Violence against black and minority ethnic women

Is there something missing?

Have you read something recently that really helped you and might help other women?

Has your organisation produced a report focused on violence agianst women that you think should be included on our website?

Have you written something about women's safety you think others need to hear?

If you know of a resource that we should include on our website hit the button below and email us to let us know or to send us a copy. We will be in touch to let you know how we will include it. 


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