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Glasgow Violence Against Women Partnership

Glasgow Violence Against Women Partnership, (GVAWP), is a city-wide multi-agency partnership concerned with preventing and eradicating all form of violence against women. The GVAWP has a role in supporting the delivery of Equally Safe, the Scottish Governments strategy to tackle violence against women and girls in Glasgow. 

As a member of the Standing Group on Violence Against Women, (SGVAW) we hod one of the four seats on the partnership allocated to SGVAW. 

We also have a strong working relationship with the GVAWP and have coordinated work,

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such as the audit of Specialist Violence Against Women Services and the Benefits the make to Glasgow, “It shouldn’t take a pandemic to see that these services are essential”

Violence against women encompasses but is not limited to the following: 

"Physical, sexual and psychological violence occurring in the family, within the general community, or in institutions including: domestic abuse; rape; sexual assault; stalking and sexual harassment and intimidation at work and in the public sphere; commercial sexual exploitation, including prostitution, trafficking and pornography; child sexual abuse and adult survivors of child sexual abuse; dowry related violence; female genital mutilation; forced and child marriages and 'so called honour crimes." 


The Standing Group on Violence Against Women (SGVAW) is a forum of 8 specialist violence against women services based in Glasgow. The SGVAW works from a gender-based, human rights approach based on the United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women.

In October 2020, the group commissioned a consultant to review the need for specialist violence against women services and the benefits for women, children and young people (WCYP) who access services, the wider community and public services in general. A literature review was conducted, interviews and an online survey were carried out with key partners.

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