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Daisie Project - violence against disabled women

Wise Women successfully secured a budget from the Scottish  Governments Violence Against Women Service Development Fund in 2008, for a 2-year initiative, called The Daisie Project.

This service would provide dignified, respectful and equal inclusion to our service specifically for women with physical and sensory impairments, addressing the true extent and impact of violence against disabled women and highlighting different and additional experiences of abuse and discrimination. The findings in this Survey are the results of that work.

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Equally Safe; Consultation with survivors

This Report on the Pilot Consultation with Women and Girl Survivors of Gender Based Violence in Glasgow and Central West of Scotland has been commissioned by The Scottish Government in Partnership with Rape Crisis Scotland and Scottish Women's Aid as part of its Equally Safe Strategy which aims to reduce and eliminate Violence Against Women and Girls.

You can read all of the women's comments here.

Self defence is no offence

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Wise Women believes perpetrators are solely responsible for violence against women. We don't believe women should have to change their lifestyle, clothing or way of life to avoid male violence. Whilst some men continue to be violence, however, we want women to know they are not alone, have skills they can use and should be heard.

This report argues that self defence is one of a number of approaches that supports women who are fearful of and too often experience violence and abuse.

Women's Safety Survey


In 2021 / 22 Wise Women, along with our partners Glasgow Girls Club, Commonplace and Glasgow Violence Against Women Partnership undertook a survey asking women about where they felt unsafe in Glasgow.

Access our final report below.

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