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Glasgow 2030 by Antje Bothin

I visited today

A city where I would like to stay

Green and with a beautiful spark

A wonderful national park!

As a tourist I came

But a gardener I am

I enjoy street by street

All the lovely people I meet.

I saw most of the sights

Took part in the rides

But for nature I care

Some time I can spare.

I can hear the birds singing

See the trees in the wind swinging

I can taste the fresh air

Smell the happiness everywhere.

Community gardens I passed by with pleasure

Full of flowers, fruit and vegetables without measure,

I saw windows with plants in their own pots

Simply wee environmental protection spots.

The river Clyde I crossed with delight

Saw fish swimming to the left and the right.

Met people on health walks and cyclists out there

As traffic now has stopped to poison the air.

Around the corner, a wildflower meadow appeared

Butterflies and other useful insects cheered

I touched a daisy and admired the colours here

Had to take a photo of this special atmosphere.

Now I needed to share the beauty with everyone

So I decided to send a 3D-message for fun

With my wee super smart holographic device

I presented myself to my friends really nice

I said hello from Scotland in 2030

There the streets are litter-free and not at all dirty.

Great that pollution stopped a decade ago

Now people see nature they did not know

Could exist in this country far in the north

Thank you so much, oh mother Earth.

I then wandered along and enjoyed the view

Everybody can join in, there is more to do

It is great and not at all a pity

Glasgow is now a National Park City!

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