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Creative Coping!

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

The Covid Pandemic has brought many challenges to women. Caring responsibilities for children and vulnerable adults have been magnified as schools have closed and services withdrawn. Some women have not seen a reduction in their paid workload, as we have relied on keyworkers, the majority of whom are women, to continue to provide the care the sick, vulnerable and elderly have needed. As protective agencies reduced, domestic violence has risen.

There can be no doubt that this takes its toll on women, however as also women have shown themselves to be creative and productive in times where the temptation has been to hide under the duvet!

Wise Women has development our social media presence to try to share women’s experiences of creative coping. Women have told us about their new ventures into growing vegetables, shared their artwork, expressed themselves through writing and poetry, we even have 2 new colleagues in the office in the shape of knitted sheep, thank you Barbara!

This creative coping not only shows us the skills women have, but also the strength. Women’s imagination and willingness to try new, and sometimes obscure, things whilst experiencing huge challenges in their lives is a constant source of amazement to us.

We are looking forward to seeing more of women’s creativity in the future. Remember to send us your creations to help us to give women new ideas about how to cope.

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