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Glasgow Women’s Voluntary Sector Network, (GWVSN), was set up in 1994 to ensure that projects working with women in Glasgow had a forum for responding to, influencing and shaping Glasgow City Council’s Equality Agenda.

Currently hosted by Wise Women, GWVSN brings together individual women whether paid or unpaid and Third Sector Services who have a sole or part remit of working with women. The Network provides a forum for sharing information, mutual support, networking and who are working towards alleviating the exclusion and discrimination faced by women in Glasgow.


Women and Glasgow


Violence Against Women


Woman and Power

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Women and Poverty


Women and Mental Health


Women and Human Rights


Woman and Health


Faith, Religion and Belief


Women and Discrimination

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Celebrating Women


Woman and Caring

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Women and Body Image

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Women and Age

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Celebrating Women

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Open Space Events

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